Resume Tips when applying for a job in the hunter valley mining industry

Need a little help when applying for your next job in the hunter valley mining industry?

Our Recruitment Team give you their professional tips that will help you stand out among the crowd of resumes.

  1. Read the job description carefully.

This sounds like an obvious one, but it is important to read the description and understand exactly what the employer is looking for. Ensure your resume and cover letter clearly demonstrate the relevant skills and behaviours required for the position.

  1. Tailor your application for the position.

You must tailor your cover letter and résumé to the specific employer and ensure you include keywords in your application. Many online recruiters use IT programs to scan and automatically discard applications that don’t include specific words.

At Titan when we are looking through resumes, we want to see that you understand the role you are applying for and are genuinely interested by clearly showing why you might be a suitable candidate.

  1. Identify your skills and training/licences clearly

When applying for a role within the mining industry the employer will generally ask for desirable licences or certificates, ensure if you hold any of these, you demonstrate this in your resume or cover letter and make it stand out.

Head to our Position Skills Matrix here to find out the desirable licences and training for our active roles (don’t forget, if you don’t hold any of the mandatory requirements, Titan will pay for this training, but anything you currently hold on this list greatly improves your application!)

  1. Triple Check your application

Review your application before you submit it. Once you click ‘submit’ your information is sent directly to the recruiter. Remember that first impressions count, so make the best one you can when you apply. Always use spell check or a program like Grammarly (it’s free!), and when in doubt, get someone to check it for you, a fresh set of eyes always helps!

  1. Keep it simple

Your resume doesn’t need to be fancy with pretty colours and fonts to stand out. A clean and simple resume or cover letter that is easy to read is going to stand out, and keeping it easy to follow and organised with key headings will really help you be remembered.  Every recruiter or company will have their own preferences on how they like to read resumes. Click here to download a simple word doc resume template that will help you get started and ensure it is easy for recruiters to find the information they are looking for.

Final Bonus Tip!

Order your positions from most recent to oldest, for e.g., if you are applying for a Trade Position, the recruiter probably isn’t interested in reading about your first job when you were 15 years old, show the most relevant positions on the first page.

Looking for a career in the hunter valley mining industry? Head to our careers page to check out our active roles and apply.


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