Titan Group Employee Service Booking

Please note, this is a booking request ONLY.

Bookings are subject to availability and the current workload. These will be confirmed by our Workshop Manager via a call/email or SMS.

Please add any important information via the “NOTE” Section and if you need a courtesy vehicle.

Titan Group Personal Servicing Benefit

Titan Auto Maintenance Fair Use Policy


  • Bookings are subject to availability in our workshop, please aim to book in advance.
  • Vehicle must be YOUR personal vehicle registered in your name. A Spouses’ vehicle will also be accepted.
  • The offer is valid for general servicing and minor repairs and pink slips. Titan Group will cover the cost of up to 4 hours of labour for each booking.
  • Additional labour required over 4-hour service cap will be reviewed by the operations manager you will be notified if any additional labour costs are deemed payable.
  • Courtesy Vehicle can be booked subject to availability. All fuel costs are to be covered when using the Courtesy Vehicle.
  • Abuse of this policy will be result in this benefit not being available for future use.