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Titan Group are proud to be a Major Sponsor of the Maitland Rugby Union Club

The Maitland Rugby Union Club has a long and prestigious history that started over 140 years ago, in 1877 when the Seniors were established.
They are Australia’s second oldest rugby club and have more than 150 senior players. #mrcfamily.

The club is based out of Marcellin Park, Lorn and have a fantastic clubhouse with a canteen and licensed bar, offering excellent coaching and training facilities. There is new turf on first field giving a magnificent playing surface!

In 2019, Maitland is fielding 4 senior Blacks teams in the Firsts, Seconds, Thirds & Fourths. The stage is set for a massive year.[/et_font_size]

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Visit www.maitlandrugbyclub.com.au to find out more about the club.